How eTDS online filing works !

Reasons why you should use eTDS Online Services from Brokerage Free

Filing your TDS reports should no longer be so difficult. Using our eTDS Online services, we take away all the pain points and make eTDS filing a very smooth process. Besides being online, the benefits of using our services is listed below:

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To be able to use the services of eTDS Online Services at Brokerage Free, you need to have an account with us. Registration is free, and it takes only a couple of mins to complete the registration form. Here is the link to Register.

After the registration form is complete, you will receive your login credentials to your registered email shortly. Then you are ready to start filing your eTDS requests at Brokerage Free.

Submission of FVU File

The following steps outline the FVU file submission process:

Preparation and Submission of FVU File